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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tortas (Sandwiches)

Tortas are a wonderful lunchtime meal. Yes, meal. They are so full of meat, cheese, and veggies that I do consider them a meal.

Start with a very large fresh bread roll, about twice the size of a hamburger bun. Cut it into two halves as you would a hamburger bun.

On both interior sides, smear a thin layer of butter and place on a hot grill pan to lightly toast. Keep the grill hot. When it is toasted (lightly), smear on a thin layer of mayonnaise on each half.

The meat you use is solely your choice. I like ham and chicken together. The ham should be sliced thin and the chicken can be sliced or shredded. If using sliced meats, you can put on 2-3 pieces of each meat. Top that with a slice of your favorite cheese. Now you can add a slice of tomato – you will need 2 slices if your roll is large. Slice some avocado on now. Pickled jalapeños go on next. Remember that most canned jalapeños outside Mexico are not very hot (spicy). Place another piece of cheese on top of those and put the other piece of roll on top to complete the sandwich.

Place the torta top side down on the hot grill. After the torta is heated – NOT browned – carefully turn it over and heat the other side. Place a lid over the torta to assist in melting the cheese. Do not compress the torta as you would a panini. Serve with a cold beer!

We eat tortas as often as we can. The best place to get them in Mazatlán you ask............why the cafeteria at the Hospital Clinica del Mar! I know, it surprised us too! 


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