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Monday, February 18, 2013

Health Benefits of Nopales

Health benefits of nopales (cactus paddles) or prickly pear cactus:

Beyond loving the flavor and versatility of this unique vegetable, they are also healthy for you. Don't let that deter you, man does not live by chocolate alone!

Nopales (no-paaa-lays) are easy to prepare from fresh and have a slight tart flavor. Many people compare the flavor to a green bean, but frankly I don't get that. I have never had a tart green bean that had not been pickled. Buy them fresh if you can or go for the canned version.

Below are two resources that you can check out to learn more about the health benefits of the nopal. (remember I am not a scientist, but am a good investigator).

An excerpt from

Eating the nopal or pad of the prickly pear cactus has the following health benefits:

The nopal contains pectin, a bio-chemical component that reduces cholesterol levels in the body.
Pectin is a useful chemical for diabetic patients, as it helps curb insulin cravings. So the prickly pear's high pectin content makes it nutritious for diabetics.

Nopal is a good source of vegetarian protein that aids with water retention in the body. It is also useful for vegetarians looking to supplement their protein levels.

Nopal is an excellent source of fiber and hence aids in digestion by regulating the body's bowel functioning. It also aids with water absorption.

These fleshy cactus pads are storehouses of nutrients such as Vitamins A, C, B6 and K. They also contain high levels of calcium and magnesium.

Just like the nopal, the pear or tuna also contains a lot of fiber in its flesh. So like other fibrous vegetables and fruits, better digestion and a satiated appetite makes both parts of the prickly pear, perfect diet aids in curbing hunger pangs.

Medical benefits of the prickly pear nopal include:
  • Treating constipation and acting as a natural laxative
  • Strengthening the immunity of the body
  • Reducing and preventing inflammation in muscles along the body, from those in the gastrointestinal tract to the muscles in the bladder
  • Reduces cholesterol levels in the body
  • Stabilizes glucose and insulin levels in the body
  • Acts as a source of anti-oxidants
  • Helps treat gastric ulcers
  • Can be applied topically to heal wounds, scrapes and insect bites
  • Helps in reducing the effects of drinking too much alcohol

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