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Monday, September 17, 2012

Let's Talk Lard ...

For goodness sakes, I can see some of you shuddering at the very thought of using this unholy substance, but do not fear, the recipes within these pages do not represent a lard-fest! A small amount of lard in a few select recipes, such as refried beans, gives them a rich flavor. Lard is actually a much healthier animal fat than butter, provided you can buy it in the refrigerated section and not off the shelf in one of those nasty white plastic tubs. The non-refrigerated lard or solid vegetable shortening is NOT an acceptable product ... ever!

Good fresh lard tastes like lightly roasted pork. You don’t use very much of it in a recipe and the flavor it imparts to your food is better than butter. Normally a large grocery store will carry a good quality fresh lard in their meat department’s cooler section. If you do not see it, ask.

If you like to do things ‘homemade’ you can render your own. It is easiest if you use cubed pork fat. Toss it in a pan and place it in a 175° C / 350° F oven. The fat rendered will be a tasty lard while the remainder is known as crackling’s. Strain through cheesecloth while it is still warm and refrigerate. It will keep in your refrigerator almost indefinitely.

You all know I have never steered you wrong, but if you do not believe me, there are several great articles written about lard available on the Internet. Lard has reclaimed it's status in the culinary world - Congrats!

One very good article is located at:


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