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Monday, September 8, 2014

Grilled Peppers with Herbs (Pimientos Asados con Hiervas)

September 15th is Mexican Independence Day.  Mexico is a very patriotic country so on this day all Mexican tables are dressed in red, white and green...the food, drink, decorations and often times, the children are dressed in festive traditional red, white and green costumes.  A couple of years ago, the Mexican government gave each houshold a new Mexican flag to fly on this special day.  Yes, it is that important!

 Today, I want to share a recipe that is fresh, and sure to be a welcome addition to your holiday table.  By the way, it looks like it would also go on your Christmas table!   

The pretty colors of this dish are just the beginning. Wait until you taste the tender, crisp slices of green and red bell peppers, and the poblano with a bite of grilled onion, fresh
herbs, and a light olive oil and lime vinaigrette! The poblanos add no heat, only a fresh, grassy flavor that complements the sweetness of the red bell pepper. Serve Grilled Peppers with Herbs as a side dish to just about any main course for lunch or dinner.

Grilled Peppers with Herbs (Pimientos Asados con Hiervas)

6 servings

3 medium red bell peppers
2 medium green bell peppers
4 medium poblano chiles
2 medium onions, cut into quarters
2 Tablespoons fresh marjoram or basil leaves
2 Tablespoons fresh thyme leaves
1⁄4 cup olive oil
1⁄4 cup fresh lime juice
freshly ground black pepper and salt, to taste

Place the peppers and the chiles on a very hot griddle or grill pan. (When you char bell peppers, this is the best method.) Turn them over as their skin blisters on each side. Do this for all the peppers. When they have been blistered, put them in a large bowl with a lid, and allow them to rest for 10 minutes.

Remove the peppers one at a time from the bowl. Carefully remove the outer skin, being careful not to tear the pepper. Cut around the top of the pepper to remove the stem, seeds, and membrane. Slice each whole pepper across into 1-inch slices. These slices will be whole rounds.

Place the onions on the griddle, and cook 5 minutes, turning so each side gets golden.

On a plate, arrange the peppers, chiles, onions, marjoram, and thyme. Drizzle with lime juice, olive oil, black pepper, and salt.

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