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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Creamed Corn

corn in browned butter
I know that many of you think that the only Mexican vegetables are beans and chiles, but corn is a common side dish. This country relies heavily on corn, both sweet corn and nixtamal (corn for tortillas). It is no surprise then, to know that there are hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of recipes for corn. Wait a minute... why don't they serve corn to you in Mexican restaurants outside Mexico? Because YOU, the customer, don't expect to have anything other than beans and chiles!  (Give them a 'suggestion' so their menu is not so limited.)  True, authentic Mexican cuisine is more diverse than any other cultural cuisine, except perhaps Italian. Did you know that Italians don't eat pasta at every meal?

So, to broaden your horizons, food wise of course, here is an authentic corn recipe I learned from a family in a poor section of town. My husband and I always look for clean little, out of the way restaurants to try new food. This recipe is from one of those little eateries. Thank you Señora Josefina for sharing this recipe with me!

By the way, if you thought creamed corn always came from a can – blck blck – your horizons will definitely be broadened!!

Creamed Corn

Makes 8-12 servings (small eaters vs big eaters)

85 grams (6 Tbls or 3 oz) unsalted butter
900 grams (2 lbs) corn kernels – frozen
250 ml (1 cup) media crema (table cream or heavy cream can be added – do not use half and half)
salt to taste

Heat a large frying pan on medium for 5 minutes before adding the butter. When it is hot, add the butter and it will immediately begin to brown - this is what you want. When the butter is melted and sufficiently browned (not burned), add all the corn. You do not need to thaw the corn. Stir occasionally until the corn is thawed and covered with the browned butter. Add only enough salt to give it a little more flavor, NOT to taste the salt. (I use only about ½ teaspoon – but use your own tastebuds).

Add the media crema and stir. Do not allow to boil, just heat thoroughly and serve.

This can be refrigerated, reheated and served tomorrow or the next day. Personally, I have never had it last that long in the fridge. I find Pete eats it for breakfast.....

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