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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


I know, it has been too long since I have posted any new 'goodies' for you to absorb.  The reason is that I have moved out of the city to a very small 'pobladito', a bit larger than a village.  There are only 75 families here and that means no internet.  Lifestyle is mellow.  We have lots of space for a large organic garden, a few chickens for eggs and a couple acres for our dogs to run and not be on a leash.  So far, we have planted about 26 baby fruit trees with probably another 50 or so to go.  This is fun! 

Thanks to some wonderful friends, we will be able to use their internet so I can post some new recipes and good information for you to use.  Postings will be once a week....we have to drive about 35 minutes to their place for the internet.  The good thing about that is, you can try the recipes without being inundated with other recipes.  Once a week is not too much information.  When you do try the recipes, please give me some input or feedback: “yes I loved it” or “geez Karina what were you thinking??”

The first recipe I will share is a traditional Easter dessert called Capirotada.  Every household has a different version and of all the varities I have tasted and tested, I love them all!  This one seems to be the leader of the pack though.  I do make this during Semana Santa (Holy Week) but I also make it during other times of the year.  It just makes a nice dessert. 

I often make some small changes in mine.  For instance, I make my own organic bread.  I substitute this, sliced very thin, for the prepared Bimbo bread.  I sometimes add ripe plantains instead of bananas.  I prefer their taste.  Try both but make sure the plantains are ripe, not hard or they won't be sweet. 

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