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Monday, September 9, 2013

The Best Margarita You Will EVER Drink

My husband makes ALL the margaritas at every party we go to. No one cares that he isn't Mexican, he just flat out makes the best margaritas! I am going to share his recipe, although I didn't ask if I could do that, so keep it our secret.

First of all, he makes each margarita separately. He doesn't make them in a pitcher so each one he makes is exactly like the one before or it can be modified to be stronger or weaker, depending on each drinker.

Please promise me you will not buy that Margarita mix in a bottle or one of those tubs. The drinks smell like dirty armpits using that stuff AND have you read the list of ingredients? You have gone to all the trouble and planning to have an authentic Mexican taco party, so don't ruin it with that pre-packaged junk.

The Best Margarita You Will EVER Drink:

You will need for each drink:

Red solo cup
Fill with cubed ice
2 oz good tequila – we use José Cuervo Gold, nothing expensive
2 oz Cointreau, Triple Sec or other orange liqueur (does not need to be expensive)
juice from 1 lime

Fill the glass with Squirt.  Stir and serve with a straw.

**A note about Squirt or other soft drinks you 'pour' for your friends. You may like Diet Squirt or Diet pop but not everyone can tolerate it. When making drinks for others, always give them the option of either regular or diet. I, for instance, get violently ill when I am served anything with an artificial sweetener. I have had this happen to me a few times. Once at a restaurant and I bet they won't do that again with their customers because I ended up throwing up all over the place. Other times I have gotten an almost immediate migraine headache that stays for days. So be kind to your guests and always ask first.

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